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SWISS Project Enhances WASH Infrastructure in Lebanon


In a bid to enhance water supply systems and small reservoirs for Syrian refugees and Lebanese communities in the Bekaa and Baalbek-Hermel area, the Strengthening critical WASH Infrastructure Project (SWISS) has been making remarkable strides. Funded by SlovakAid and implemented by ADRA Lebanon and ADRA Slovakia, the project has been a beacon of hope for thousands of individuals since 2022.

For 18 months, from October 2022 to April 2024, the SWISS project has been dedicated to improving infrastructure and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. One of the significant achievements of the project has been in the Central Bekaa Union of Municipalities area, where:

– 1,082 Lebanese families received 1,082 plastic water tanks, each with a capacity of 1,000 liters.

– Ten schools were equipped with 50 similar tanks, ensuring access to clean water for students.

This initiative alone has benefited around 9,869 individuals and students, out of which 5,052 are females and 4,817 are males.

Addressing Immediate Needs in Refugee Camps

The SWISS project has also been instrumental in improving living conditions in refugee camps. In the Dalhamiyet-Zahle refugee camps, the project installed:

– One water supply system

– One solar system

These installations have significantly improved access to clean water and electricity for around 94 households, comprising 570 individuals, with 263 females and 307 males benefiting directly.

Furthermore, the SWISS project has contributed to efficient waste management in Majdal Anjar municipality by providing:

– 85 metal garbage containers, each with a capacity of 1,100 liters

– Equipped with wheels for easy mobility

This initiative aims to ensure cleaner and more sustainable living environments for the local community.

Sustainable Impact


Explore how the SWISS project is making a sustainable impact on refugee camps and local communities in Lebanon.


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