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Thank you, ADRA

“They made me feel happy and feel that I am not alone in this Life” Saint Michel Market – ADRA Lebanon through the support of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is responding to the the rising levels of food insecurity and ensuring that small enterprises affected by the Beirut blast were not left alone. ADRA provided them with a cash-based assistance, to help them re-establish their business, re-hire their employees, and in turn improve their food security.

Become a Volunteer

One of the more well-known benefits of volunteering is the impact on the community. Volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Even helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people and organizations in need. Check out this video to learn more about volunteering from our team!


A Winterization Emergency Response for Lebanon

Thank you to the support of LDS Charities in partnership with ADRA International the ADRA Bekaa Team was able to distribute fuel e-cards to 300 families in Zahle District where each E- card consists of 140 liters of diesel for heating. In addition to this, 600 blankets were also distributed to 300 families in Zahle District!

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Food, Shelter or Education?

The multiple crises have forced many families to prioritize basic needs, such as food, shelter and health, over education. In addition, school costs are high and leave families with an impossible choice. Since the pandemic and economic deterioration, more than 1.2 million children in Lebanon have been out of school.
However, ADRA’s education learning centers assist up to 600 students yearly. Our education programs ensure that vulnerable students and students at risk of dropping out are allowed to learn and thrive.

ADRA's Retention Support Program

ADRA Lebanon with the support of ADRA Australia is providing remedial support to 80 non-Lebanese and Lebanese students from grades 1 to 9, who are enrolled in public schools and require assistance with their learning. This program will also support children with special needs, providing them with equal learning opportunities.

Elderly Monthly Shopping

With the generous support of the Canadian Food Grains Bank,  The Salvation Army in Canada, and ADRA Canada. ADRA Lebanon is ensuring that no person is neglected, despite their age, gender or need. ADRA supports the elderly who cannot leave their homes to purchase their most basic needs by sending volunteers to help them in any way they can. 

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Monthly Elderly Shopping

With the generous support of Canadian Food Grains Bank, Salvation Army Canada and ADRA Canada, ADRA Lebanon is ensuring that no one is left behind including individuals of all ages and different genders. In this video, there are three elderly sisters in Mar Mkhael who cannot leave their homes to purchase their essential foods needs. ADRA is supporting them by sending volunteers to assist with their food shopping!                                                                                  

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PROVIDE Distribution Event

In partnership with Canadian  Food Grains Bank and ADRA Canada, the Food Security team stepped up their efforts to ensure vulnerable people in Beirut receive food e-cards to support them in purchasing their essential food needs.