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Cash Assistance for Shelter Repair in Beirut

After the devastating explosion that took place at the Beirut Port destroying most of the infrastructure, damaged households and residential buildings up to 12km away. The Port Blast which shook Beirut left over 200 people dead, over 6,000 injured and 300,000 homeless. On top of this, the country is facing a spiraling economic crisis and a global coronavirus pandemic.

 In a matter of weeks, ADRA Lebanon has stepped up efforts to raise more than $300,000 to help the population of Lebanon recover from this emergency. More than hundreds of thousands have been affected by the blast, either they lost their homes, businesses, or a family or friend. 

To facilitate the money transfer from Western Union (WU) to the beneficiaries, ADRA Lebanon collaborated with the World Food Programme, who has been disbursing cash to vulnerable people via WU for several years regionally and globally. Both parties signed an agreement to allow ADRA to transfer the cash (in USD) unimpeded to the Population of Concern (PoC). This agreement with WFP is linked to the UN agencies’ global agreement with WU, thus ensuring the beneficiaries will receive their cash.

 ADRA shared with WFP a list of all their beneficiaries, with details including their full name, ID number and picture of ID, and their phone number. The individual who received the cash must present their ID to WU and must match the list ADRA provided to WFP and WU. With the support of this intervention, 860 households (2,412 individuals) have benefitted – 32 individuals received $600 to help them with minor repairs of their shelters, and 828 HH (2,311 individuals) received $250 to purchase their most immediate needs.


“The blast came as Lebanon was dealing with two other severe shocks: the ongoing economic crisis and the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown measures. Families have been struggling to meet their basic needs even prior to the explosion. ADRA has been on the ground since the days following the blast assisting those most in need."


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