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Access to Water for Lebanese Communities with a High Number of Syrian refugees IV


This project targeted Al Bireh village as the local population has limited access to drinking water, yet it consists of a large number of vulnerable Lebanese households and Syrian refugees. Problems with access to drinking water in these affected households are manifested by insufficient quantity and quality of drinking water especially during the summer months.

The project aimed to have access to adequate drinking water in sufficient quantity to reduce morbidity and mortality, as well as to increase dignity and quality of life for Syrian refugees and host-communities.

  • ONE 500 Cubic meter Water Reservoir was constructed in Al-Bireh, Bekaa, Lebanon
  • Beneficiaries: 1,320 Households (900 Lebanese and 420 Syrian HHs)
  • Drilling of Artesian Well in Douris, Bekaa, Lebanon
  • Beneficiaries: 21,000, hosts approximately 5,300 Syrian refugees


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